Franciosi Viviana



Born In Milan, Viviana starts studies for classical dance from an early age.

Was during her teenage experience that she realized dancing wasn’t only a way to sports and physical activity but also, with sacrifices and dedication,  was going to be her way of life.

During school years, she began classical studies  and attended courses at the “Teatro La Scala” in Milan to then continued on to study at the “Allami Ballet” in Budapest.

In 1986 Viviana makes the move to Torino to embark on her first professional dancing experience at the “Teatro Nuovo“. There she has the pleasure to work with world class dancer, Luciana Savignano (first ballerina of “La Scala di Milano”. A dream come true for Viviana, that only looked up to Luciana for all her accomplishments in the business, worldwide.

Private studies and countless of performances on countless stages, allowed Viviana to compare all sorts of lessons from all the places she has performed at and to find her own style of expression “on the tip of her toes”; all to accomplish the ultimate goal of transmitting to who believed in her and all her audiences, her passion and love  for the art of dancing.

1993 sees Viviana performing in collaboration with the “Teatro Massimo di Palermo” where she meets Carla Fracci (icon of  classical dance, worldwide).

Shortly after, still during 1993, Viviana gets the call from the “Opera National de Bordeaux” , a wonderful experiences that kept her busy for almost twenty years.

From 1993 to 2011 we saw her performing with her team in Bordeaux, taking up many different role in  within her group and as soloist.
It’s here that Viviana was introduced to Paolo Bortoluzzi, Eric Vu An and Charles Jude.
It’s with Charles that Viviana had a 14 years collaboration, interpreting choreographies like: Schiaccianoci, Giselle, Il Lago dei Cigni, La Bella addormentata, Coppelia, Romeo and Juliette, Don Quichotte, Le Prince de Bois, Raymonda Paquita, and many others famous  plays like: Apollon, I Quattro Temperamenti, Serenade, Who cares?, Petrouchka, Spectre de la rose, Les Syphides, Il Cappello a tre punte, La Sagra della primavera, L’apres-midi d’un faune, Noces, Lafille mal gardee, Jardin au lilas, Purcell Piece, The Moor’s Pavane,  Hydrogen Jukebox, Sextest, Le Messie, Zatoichi, Don Quichotte, Petrouchka, Marco Polo, Electra, Coppelia, Incontro, Butterfly, La Bella e la Bestia, Soiree Tchaikowski, Vivaldi-Strauss, Les Nuits d’ete, Carmina Burana, Ballet Jazz, La jeune fille et la mort.

Those twenty years of collaborations with "Opera National" de Bordeaux see Viviana performing all over the world in United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, Brasil, South Korea, France (in Paris at the Teatro Chatelet),  Russia (Moscow at the Teatro del Kremlino) and many other places.

2011 sees Viviana taking time off from live performances, to dedicate her time to teachings, for starters to  professional dancers.

Her love for teaching and dance now takes her through an intense training and formation to achieve Degrees that, as Vivana puts it:”That’s what it takes to master the art of teaching”.
She studied in Paris at the  “Centre National de la Danse" (CND). Is here where she  receives her degree and concurs the chair as teacher.

Viviana doesn’t stop here, she also expands her knowledge in teaching by attending courses at the C.N.F.P.T between Berdeaux  and Tolosa at the C.E.S.M.D “how to teach music and dancing to kids up to the age of 8”.

Further more, she also interested on other aspects of dancing, like A.F.C.M.D ('Analyse Fontionnelle du Corps Dans le Mouvement Danse’).
From here different branches of the course of formation were available, like: C.N.D. Pantin: “Danza classica e A.F.C.M.D.”, “Cunningham e A.F.C.M.D.”, “Dal barocco al contemporaneo”, e al C.E.S.M.D.  Toulouse “Lo slancio e la misura nella lezione di danza classica”, and she also attends courses in Paris at the C.N.D and CEFEDEM in Bordeaux.

For over 3 years now, Viviana has been keeping a busy schedule, working in Colleges, local business related agencies, conservatories, focusing on teachings for kids. These are the ways Viviana, now as an adult and always striving for inspirations, lives the joy of dynamic activities and all the genuine and natural expressions of the body, that she experienced in first person when she was a young ballerina.
It’s her focus to lead her classes with professionalism and consciousness, transmitting to kids all her passion and love that music and dancing can offer.

Viviana to today keeps exploring new territories of the dancing world and lives between Paris, Perpignan, Bordeaux and Milan, while teaching the art of dancing and to host seminars, sharing her life experience with all young artists dancers interested in making the best out of their talent.

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